20+ Premium and essential services in Ecostate Park, contributing to enhancing residents' life experience


6 area for receptionist serve 24/7


Ensure ventilation and air circulation in your home with center air conditioning system


Security team with 24/7 camera system


5 Supermarkets setup in each block

Fire Alarm

Automatic fire extinguishing system in each apartment

Spa and Massage

Take care your health with Spa & Massage services


The parking area with the capacity more than 20,000 slots car parking,

4 Seasons Pool

5-star indoor 4-season swimming pool system

Conference Room

5 Conference rooms setup in each block

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Activities in Ecostate
Sport and Leisure

Sport and Leisure

Improve and care your health with activities at Spa & Massage, Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, Aerial Yoga and more in Eco Park.

Sport and Leisure


A chain of culinary restaurants with all European and Asian styles distributed among residential areas, Some high rate restaurants as Lobster Bar, Coffee House, Gaucho Bistro, etc

Sport and Leisure


Explore the premium entertaiment services in Ecostate as 4D Cinema, Premium Playing Ground, Oceanairum, Lectorium, Art Classes, etc

Sport and Leisure


Have very much stores for you shopping in Ecostate, from luxury brands until medium & small brands as Florist, Aroma Boutique, EcoMart Supermarket, Cosmetic, Adidos Clothes, etc

Sport and Leisure

Other Services

And other services essentials around Ecostate Residence waiting you discover